Fame and Fortune for Jo O'Brien?

Ok…. Not quite yet…


The FUNNIEST thing happened today. I was sitting in the city reading an art book (as you do!) killing time before having lunch with sjem and this nervous woman approaches me and says “Jo O’Brien?” To which I go … “um yeah, hello”

Then… get this- she asks for my autograph. I ask her why and she says “you are the Jo O’Brien who modeled for Paul Vanzella right?” I was totally utterly speechless and smiling like the biggest idiot! And going bright red. And making a total fool of myself. But yeah, I signed her tram ticket for her which made her happy. I warned her that it wouldn’t fetch much on ebay just yet :)

So yeah, I reckon that makes me famous, so now I get to have temper tantrums celebrity style and demand my coke with no ice at MacDonalds :)

As it happens, she and her husband are huge fans of Paul’s work. I’m really excited by this!

So yeah… that’s my story if you happened to be interested. I was excited and just had to share :) This totally tops being spotted on the tram or at my work by a long shot!

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