Sydney Group: Melbourne Challenges You!

Yes Sydney group – we’re talking to you.

I heard from a little birdy that you are very confident that Manly will beat Melbourne Storm at the rugby this Sunday.

Well, we think you’re wrong. Melbourne is vastly awesomer at rugby and probably even has spunkier players. (not that I’ve ever watched a game) But since you are so convinced, we challenge you to a friendly group wager

The group who’s team wins the rugby, can kidnap a group host from the losing side for 2 weeks and make them do all sorts of hosting chores. You could make them run challenges about how great your city is, or make them organise a meet up from another state, or make them responsible for doing 100% of the featuring, or make them blog in the forums every. single. day. Yes, you will have a slave host to serve your group while you sip martinis and read Australian Womens’ Weekly.


To make this a serious wager – the winning group can also send one of their hosts to invade the losing side and make sure the loss is sorely felt!

So, feeling confident still? Do we have a deal?

it’s entirely possible that almost every detail in this post is made up, and that we talked about this yesterday, but the wager still stands!

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