Bought a calendar?

These testimonials (with links to the contributors profiles) currently grace this page. i.e when someone finds RedBubble and clicks the “Buy T-shirts” button on the homepage, they are greeted with these lovely gentlemen telling them how great t-shirts are.

We want to do the same for calendars but… first we need some lovely people to add their calendar images to the buyers booth with some words about how rocking hot calendars are.

We’ll love you even more if you are holding someone else’s calendar looking suitably impressed with yourself, and it helps if you’re talking about the product (rather than how great the images are, although I’m sure they are brilliant!)

But yes, if you ever wanted to be slightly more famous and be seen on a page that lots of buyers click on, this could be your moment of truth. Oh yeah, and we’ll throw in a US$30 RedBubble gift voucher and piles of praise and thanks to say, well, thank you. If you want some inspiration here goes nothing….

Ok… maybe slightly less stupid :)

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