I'll swap you my house for your art

I’m having the equivalent of a garage sale, except that money is not allowed. I will be accepting only 2 forms of payment – wine or art.

Everything in my house is going: My art supplies, furniture, clothes, props, a kitchen full of stuff in great condition (I don’t cook) and some outdoor furniture. Basically, open a cupboard, and if there is stuff in it, you can swap it for art or wine. At the end of it all, I’m hoping to plaster my walls with swapped art and have people around to stare at it while drinking swapped wine.

Why? Why not.

Date: Sunday October 5th
Location: 154 Albert Street, Brunswick

I’d also like to invite other people to bring their things along to swap for art or wine. Drop me a line if you’re interested. So far jemimalovesbigted will be joining me so better ask what wine she likes too!

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