RedBubble Etiquette

Isn’t it great that we have such a cool community on here, bursting with creativity?
The vibe is great, the people are great, the artwork is exceptional. But don’t we all love a big old whinge every now and then? Well, I do, and I’ve been saving it all up for this one post. (Well it was either that or become the creature I love to hate!)

Disclaimer: This is all just my opinion and I am but one person and don’t represent anyone except myself. And I’m being all one-sided and hypocritcal. And you may not like me very much… And arguing with me probably won’t work!

Flooding Activity Monitors with Repetitive Art
I love that RedBubble allows us to upload as much of our art as we want, but seriously guys- do we really need 10 shots of the same thing from different angles? Or the same image with 6 different PhotoShop filters? Or would it hurt upload a big series in drips and drabs over a week so that we have time to appreciate each artwork on it’s own as well as for being part of the series?

Irrelevant Comments
Artwork Commments are not opportunities to have MSN conversations. Nor is it the place to size up the models assets or ask what the artist is doing on the weekend. (Unless of course you happen to know the artist very well and know that they are cool with this sort of behaviour) Otherwise, it’s a place to talk about how great the finished artwork is and perhaps ask the artist more about it.

Whinging about Everything
Yeah I know, I’m being a hypocrite, but just this one time. Don’t know about everyone else but I am so over reading journal entry after journal entry about every little thing that someone doesn’t like about RedBubble. If you’ve got a better idea than what’s currently in place- GREAT- put it in the feedback forum so that admin see it.

Telling us about Every Single Sale you make
Yes, the first time you made a sale you were so unbelievably wrapped about it you wanted to tell the world. I totally get that. So you sold your first framed print and it’s a big deal, I get that too. So you made 50c selling a card… again- OK, I don’t need to know that. Especially if you are lucky enough to have regular sales.
- EDIT- Due to a really great suggestion, I’ve made a forum thread to publicly thank people for sales (By the way- no pressure to use it. It’s just there if you want it)

Uploading Happy Snaps
I can see three reason why people do this.
1) They want to have their happy snaps turned into RedBubbles totally awesome products. Who wouldn’t? But it’s totally possible to upload your happy snaps as “hidden” and you can still get copies printed for yourself.
2) You want to join in with the challenges in the forums like the Spin Challenge and the Show and Tell your Pets thread. Yeah, I get that too. It’s all in the spirit of being friendly and building the community. But did you know you can copy an image into a journal or forum post while keeping it hidden?
3) You have confused RedBubble with Flickr or Myspace and do not consider anything you have posted ‘art’, let alone sellable art.

Being Creepy
Emailing and BubbleMailing artists with enthusiastic support is lovely. Getting creepy anonymous email is just… well… creepy. So just don’t do it.

Blatent Self Promotion
You know what I’m on about. You get a comment- and boy, it’s a big one this time. Only it’s all about the artist who is commenting. They probably gave you three links back to their portfolio too. If they are really brazen they may have even posted an image. Or you notice that you have exactly the same comment as you’ve seen on 20 other artworks- yes- someone copy pasted that comment. They must love everything exactly the same. And then you think to yourself “Hang on a minute.” It’s just rude.

Not Editing Forum Posts
I realise that we can’t edit comments under our images. But we CAN do it in the forums. Right under your name is a little link that says “Edit Post”. Please use it. I can’t get cranky about this because I realise not everyone knows how to do it. So lets help each other out. You can find info on how to link (And a bunch of other formatting things) here

Comments That Detract From The Sale Of Artworks
Potential customers can read your comments so think about what you are typing before you hit enter. There is a reason it says “Play Nice.” If people want your critique or suggestions, they will post in the Critique Forum. Negative comments and even innocent suggestions to change an artwork can not only damage an artist’s fragil ego, it can make a potential customer question whether the artwork is actually as good as they first thought.

Journal Entries Being Catagorised As “Writing”
We now have this wonderful ‘writing’ category to keep our super-dooper finshed written pieces in. Poems, stories, well constructed and artistic pieces of prose. It’s not just another journal. It’s for your special stuff. If you want to tell us about your weekend- keep it in your journal.

Rant Over

aaaahh. That feels better :)

Now is the bit where I plead with you to remember this is just my opinion and you are welcome to disagree- you can even strongly disagree if you feel like it :)

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