My Big Sister Duty

As a big sister, it is my duty and responsibility to embarrass the crap out of my little sister in celebration of her 21st birthday. Happy birthday Ally.

Remember the time we dared each other to eat cat food?
Remember cleaning the shed?
Remember having rides on the lawn mower?
Remember “teaching the cats to swim”?
Remember putting the trampoline against the fence to make a waterslide?
Remember doing a Halloween play where Princess Diana was decapitated?

Remember squirting toothpaste all over the bathroom and thinking mum wouldn’t notice?
Remember playing wrestling on the front lawn?
Remember breakfast picnics?
Remember making our own outdoor toilet and hiding it from mum?
Remember spitting in our ice cream to make it go sloppy?
Remember doing the box thing with Dada’s video camera?

And for the record, I love my sister and have waaaaay more embarrassing photos than this. You got off easy kiddo! :)

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