goodbye facebook

I deleted my facebook account. It was more trouble than it was worth anyway. I never checked it properly and subsequently kept missing stuff. Long before facebook they invented this thing called a telephone. It’s a marvelous invention. You should all try it :)

But this also got me thinking about how we all communicate. For example, just here on the bubble we communicate about how we feel in the artworks we create, we connect with others through our comments, favourites and watchlists and of course there is bubblemail which works like mobile phone text messages. I find it interesting how it can be so personal and yet at the same time so impersonal. I have a skype account and it is a real joy to actually “speak” with people I have met online. There is something you get from a human voice that is so comforting and engaging and yet my mobile phone seems to exist purely for text messages. Are we so afraid to speak?

Written communication is so easy to misinterpret and (for better or worse) it relies on the person at the other end noticing it and reading it. I’ve lost count of the bubblemails, emails and texts that are opened once when in a hurry and then disappear under the growing pile never to be seen again. It’s kind of sad to think how many conversations must go unfinished, how many people reaching out have been forgotten. If a picture tells a thousand words, imagine what a dinner and conversation could achieve.

I forget what the point of all that was.

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