t-shirt love

Here are some photos of redbubble t-shirts.

The aim of the game is to give the redbubble t-shirt community some much deserved loving. Having pictures of people wearing your t-shirt designs is not only a great feeling, but it’s a very useful marketing tool. And letting a bunch of crazy models take over your house for a day isn’t bad either :)

Please feel free to use these images when and wherever you see potential to spread the t-shirt love.

These are big-ish versions, however full size ones are available- just drop me a line… and there’s more to come. So much photoshop, so little time.

I am planning another one of these shoots for July 26th/27th so if you are based in Melbourne and own some redbubble t-shirts that you are happy for me to feature like this, please drop me a line. This might include you own designs or shirts you have bought from other bubblers.

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