Help Me Sell Your Work by Telephone

A couple of weeks back the redbubble gods put a new phone on my desk and from that moment on, I became the telephone sales person for Australian customers who want to talk to a real human being. (I came fully equipped with my Australian accent and friendly banter) Over that time I have taken a few notes and created a list of tips that I thought I would share…

  1. Offer t-shirt designs in as many colours as the design suits. A few times now I’ve contacted the artist asking if they would make it available in another colour in order to close a sale. And by offering a range of colours, I’ve had customers decide to pick up an extra one in a different hue while they are at it.
  1. Offer the full range of wall art products where you feel it is suitable for the work. And if you have a suggestive sell – put it in the description. I’ve fielded a couple of “I guess I should get them a card too” comments by hunting down an appropriate design to compliment the print they are buying. If you already have a good “pair” or “set” make it obvious and use links
  1. Spell check your artwork titles, no really, the search engine will love you more. Ok, I will love you more too. It makes it easier to find your work and that means faster customer service for the person on the phone.
  1. Tag tag tag tag tag tag tag tag tag tag tag tag tag tag tag tag tag tag tag…
    and do it properly please
    Not every customer who calls up is tech savy and understands the ins and outs of using a search engine, but when they say to me, “do you have any images of xyz” I want to be able to plug ‘xyz’ into the search box and find your work.

Thank you, love from your telephone sales girl

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