Melbourne is Freezing

So I’m back from my brief holiday to Uluru, Alice Springs and Kings Canyon. 2000+ photos later and I never want to look at a big red rock ever again! But seriously, I had a great time. I embraced the nothingness of being in the middle of nowhere and made heaps of friends around campfires and on tour buses. I’ve come back with bunches of email addresses and the business cards of some great artists and other friendly folk. I thought being away would allow me to comtemplate life, the universe and everything, but found that instead it allowed me to swtich off for a while and not think about anything too hard. It was fantastic. When’s my next holiday?

Me riding a camel with my friend Christine. My mother and sister are on the one behind us

Just a bit of prettiness from the base of Uluru

Me being a tourist in Alice Springs at the Sunday Market

Of course now I’m back in Melbourne where it is colder and I have to pick up where I left off. Thankful that I still have some annual leave up my sleeve, I’ve got some time to pursue other interests and ventures… and catch up with all you wonderful people on the bubble.

So, what’s being going on while I was away?

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