I must apologise for the radio silence in recent months. James and I have been hard at work cooking up a baby and have been so insanely busy since she arrived we still haven’t announced it properly. Of all the artworks we’ve made together, she is the one we are most proud of.

Name: Audrey Patricia Price
Born: July 9th at 12:31am
Weight: 3.5kg
Length: 50cm
Head Circumference: 35.5cm
Length of Labor: 5 hours 17 minutes
Website: clicky clicky

the reason all my jeans are too tight

It’s been a busy year.

Last summer I moved in with my boyfriend whom I met on RedBubble. In May we got engaged, ten weeks later we got married, spent a month traveling around Italy and now James and I are thrilled to be expecting our first child in July. So if you were wondering why I haven’t been posting any photos lately, it’s because we’ve been a little preoccupied.

Image by Hien Nguyen

Image by a doctor with a big pokey stick thing

what did I miss?

Over the last 5 weeks I got married, meandered the streets of Venice in a big straw hat, saw the opera in Verona, lay on the rocky beaches of Monterosso, ate and drank through Tuscany, climbed the leaning tower of Pisa, and put the SLR away to enjoy Rome through my eyes, not my lens. Then we came home, went on a hot air balloon ride over Melbourne, tried to sleep when it was dark and stay awake when it was light, and learned that it is impossible to respond to a month long backlog of email and bubblemail. (I put on my brave face and hit the ‘archive all’ button reminding myself that if it’s important, they’ll call back.)

So, what did I miss? What have you been up to over the last five weeks?

wedding bells and all things mushy

The day I added my first image to RedBubble, some lovely people took a moment out of their lives to comment and tell me how much they liked it. They could see past my blurry focus and amateur composition and found something genuine and kind to say. When I realised that the whole community was like this, so giving of their praise and thoughts, I was instantly hooked.…

Before long, commenting back and forth turned into conversation, and conversations into friendships. We saw each other every day on RedBubble, we shared similar passions, and we all wanted to surround ourselves with creativity and be inspired. RedBubble was the fertile soil in which to grow relationships with other artists and creative people.

Exhibitions, meet ups, holidays away together, creative successes – there have been

Unexpected Pregnancy

Nature is a funny thing. You go to the aquarium and buy 12 female fish. You don’t give them names because, lets get serious here – it’s pretty damn hard to tell plain orange fish apart.

So you leave the girls unattended for a while without any parental supervision and then… You wake up one morning to find several baby fish swimming around the tank just beckoning the bigger fish to mistaken them for food.

Something about this whole situation seems a bit fishy to me!

This is the mummy fish (maybe) I can’t tell them apart

This is taken with the same lens at the same distance (so you can see the size difference)

This is a baby fish near the tiny pebbles at the bottom of the tank – fish food is bigger than it!

International Hair Show

Yesterday I tagged along to the International Hairstylists Society hair show which is one of the largest hair shows in the country. Having never been to one before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but “complete and utter chaos” comes fairly close.…

Many of the stylists and models had been awake and preparing since 4am that morning for a 12pm show. Caffeine and sugary sweets were sustaining the tightly packed gymnasium sized hall. The fine line between sheer exhilaration and breaking into tears under the pressure was evident in the hallways and crouched in corners as entrants coached their models on posing and lay out hair pins before their event. For those of us who were spectators, our entry fee did not guarantee a seat, a view of the catwalk or even use of the toilets (good luck to you w

making up tunes in the afternoon

I can’t work out where this came from, but all afternoon I’ve been singing a little rhyme that I managed to think up and is now solidly stuck in my head.

A is for apple
B is for bear
C is for cucumber
D is for dare

Trust me, after repeating this 194366 times, it becomes far less cute, and a lot more annoying. I need another song. Help!

make art, not waste

Today I celebrate a little milestone – 20 coffee cups saved from landfill.…

Not too long ago, I became very aware of the huge quantities of coffee the RedBubble office consumes. (The internet never sleeps and neither shall we!)

I probably should have been concerned about the adrenalin pumping heart tremor causing effects of caffeine, but instead I set off on a personal crusade to reduce the number of take away coffee cups we were throwing out each week.

My first attempt was to drink fewer cups of coffee. I got the shakes as withdrawal set in, and was only saving 2-4 coffee cups from landfill per day. I declared this tactic a dismal failure and pledged to do better.

Thankfully, Russell knew a stylish and aesthetically pleasing place for us to pick up some reusable plastic cups for those tim

just the latest

I changed my avatar…

…started sharing links to inspirational artworks via facebook

…and fell in love with some talented artists

Now I must be off, I have some swooning to do


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