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Phos Graphe. Two greek words meaning “Light” and “Draw”. The origin of our word “photograph”. So...

An Update!

Hi Everyone! How are you doing today? Good I hope… Anyway, I wanted to update all of you on what’s been up over on this side of PhosGraphe Photography. First thing, I hit 10,000 views and that’s awesome. I only have 60 photos and to have that many views feels great, some photos even have upwards of 400 views with my highest one at about 480 views! thank you! Also, I’ve been working on my business personally and have been able to start a website that is still being worked on, getting to do some photography professionally, even taking part in my own personal art shows held by local businesses so its been great! So I want to say thank you to all of you for simply looking at my photo. These views alone has given me confidence in my ability (or lack there of ;D ) and has told me and helped given me the drive to turn this into my job. And for that, I thank you. Though I don’t post much, I hope to do more coming up, I have a lot of new photos and hopefully much better quality then my prior photographs…
So again thanks to all of you, whether you have seen my photos once or have seem them all, whether you are a new follower or an old one, thank you from the deepest part of my heart. I indeed appreciate it.

<3 From PhosGraphe (Nathaniel)

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