Feeling Spiritual - 8th February 2008

Today has been quite a relief. I handed in quite a long essay that I had left way too late!! Now that it is handed in a sense of pleasure and calm has both sedated me and energised me at the same time, if this is at all possible? I’m quite exhaused but I had one of my most inspiring lectures today. It was based on Michael Cunningham’s “The Hours”. I have to say, I think the writer is a genius! I think it takes a genius for someone to base a story around Virginia Woolf, her life, her genius and her writing while sensing and expressing Virgina’s sense of birth, life, death, rebirth and the rythems of life.

I was sitting in the lecture, not really paying attention at first. I was too tired and zoned out into a little daydream. After writing the essay intensively for 12 hours or so, the last thing I wanted to hear about theory and history. However, when we looked at the symbolic meanings of the text, I was extremely inspired…the kind of inspiration where your whole body feels lighter and the hairs stand up on your arms. The book is quite complex…swapping between three time zones, following the lives of three women. The first time period is in the 1920’s…Virgina Woolf writing Mrs. Dalloway. The second period is in 1949…Mrs Brown reading Mrs Dalloway. The third period is in the 90’s…a modern woman, Mrs Dalloway (the central charcter in the book) living out her daily life with its very personal and human interactions. Writer – Reader – Character.

The book looks at how all these lives interact with one another…how they flow with the rythems of life, how the river where Virginia Woolf drowned flows naturally, how she left behind a piece of writing that will influence future generations. I must have a very metaphorical brain because I was sitting completely mesmorised, imagining the waves of the sea…the sound, the feel, the smell…how they rise and fall and disappear. How an action by one person can cause ripples in the lives of those around. It doesn’t have to be by writing a novel or poem that will live on for generations…it could be a smile, a thoughtful action, sharing a beautiful piece of music, genuine praise. I don’t think I can express in a note what I am feeling. Here is a piece of music that I’m listening to that resonates with my mood…


Right now I’m sitting in my dark bedroom with candle light with a nice glass of white wine. I was previously dancing and twirling around my room slowly to this wonderful music. Soon, I will have a steaming hot bath and begin to read The Hours (as I have to confess, I have only actually seen the movie!!). I am going to enjoy this evening before I need to start on another deadline tomorrow morning.

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