An Important Message About Tina

Hi all
My name is Brad Griffin (Gryphonn on Redbubble).
I bring sad news for those of you who haven’t heard. In early August of 2011, Tina began suffering from severe headaches. Something that was not normal for her. Within 3 days She became confused and lost some co-ordination. We went to the doctor, who referred us to the hospital. We had made Cooktown our home since March. At 8:30 that night, the Flying Doctor fkew Tina to Cairns for a CT scan. At 11:30 next morning, She was flown to Townsville for an MRI. I was flown to Townsville to be with Her. The specialists diagnosis was that Tina had a very aggressive (grade 4) glioblastoma multiforme. That’s a brain tumor. It was located on her right frontal lobe & was puting pressure on the left side. It was also in the central part of her brain…

Some More of What We've Been Up To

I know that some of you have been wondering what else we’ve been up to lately. Well… not much really. Between the rain and the flood, things have been pretty slow. Here’s a little story about our experiences about the start of the rainy season. Bit of a lesson here? ;)
Rockhampton Floods 2011-A Few Photos and Anecdotes Part one

And, just in case you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be above the raging flood waters in the Fitzroy River, check this short video out…
Video: The Fitzroy River at Rockhampton in Flood 31-12-2011

I’ll get back to updating some of the rest soon.
Hope everyone is well.
Take care all
Tina :o)

2011 Australian Flood Appeal Art Auction

Are you thinking of donating to an Australian Flood Appeal Charity? Take a look at this first. You could win one of my artworks… just for making that donation.

How does it work?
1 Read The Green Bus
2 Make a bid on the artwork
3 Be the highest bidder
4 Make your donation to any Flood Relief Charity in Australia
5 Provide us with proof (dated after completion of the auction)
6 Name the artwork
7 Wait for your new artwork to turn up in the mail

For more details, go here…

2011 Flood Appeal Art Auction

QLD Floods in Rockhampton 2011

Good morning all. Long time no see. I thought I should drop n with a bit of a hello.…

As many around the world will know, we’ve had some pretty bad floods here in Aus over the last month or so. At the moment our city of Rockhampton is cut off from the rest of the state… well almost. Our airport is closed, highways and rail services have been suspended to the South and West. The highway North is closed to general traffic, but emergency supplies etc, are allowed through. About the only way out of the town at the moment is to travel to Yeppoon and catch a Freedom Fast Cat down to Gladstone.

Most of us couldn’t be bothered trying to get out… we’re making the most of a “one-in-one-hundred-year” experience. Of course, we’ve seen a couple of these occurences in our time, the last (big flood) bein

More bad luck...

This time it’s the laptop… broken… gargh… why do I bother?

I’m using the daughter’s netbook today, but she’s only here on the weekends. And beside that… it’s nowhere near big enough to do any photo processing on. So sorry all… but there won’t be any more art from me for a while. I don’t know what I’m going to do when my memory card is filled up… just stop taking photos too, I suppose.

So… I guess I’ll see you all when I have the chance again.
Take care all…

Hello all. I'm still here...

Hi to all. I figured that it’s about time I put my head up and say hello. :o)…

Yes, I’ve still been around RB, but I haven’t been participating in much at all over the last few weeks. I’ve only uploaded because I know that there are people here who like to keep an eye on me… and I want them to know that I’m still here. Thank you so much to all my loving and supportive friends… and I’m sorry that it’s taken me so long to get this much down. I would like you all to know that this place has been a wonderful escape for me in some pretty dark times and I am so grateful to have had that. Thanks so much to you all. :o)

And to those who are in my groups… I have not been able to deal with the extra responsibility at this time and have done very little with my groups. Adrian (leunig) has been inc

I Had A Fright Yesterday

But first, a little background that you should know (this will be a long one. You might want to grab a coffee… or whatever… go ahead, make it something stronger, I don’t mind)…

My eldest daughter Vicki (22) lives and works in Brisbane, and this week she made a flying visit (nearly 800ks each way) to wish my second daughter (Sarah) an early happy birthday. She’ll be 18 tomorrow (and I wish you the best day EVER, my baby), but Vicki hadn’t been able to arrange for time off on the actual day, so drove up to spend her two days off with Sarah a couple of days early. Our kids are all very close and miss each other dreadfully when they’re apart. Vicki is very protective of her siblings (she has a beautiful tat of a galaxy containing the initials A, S and L {Alex, Sarah and Loren} on the inside of

A Quick Update

This is just a quick note to any out there who may have wondered where I’ve been lately. Well, I’ve had a severe shortage of internet time, and I feel like I should apologise for not getting the time to check all your wonderful works of art. I’ll have a bit more time in the near future, so I’m going to make sure that I certainly do that. I’ve missed checking out all your new work, commenting on and favouriting the best ones… it was one of the highlights of my day. So today, I’ve started looking at the new work of some of those on my watchlist. I’ve made some comments already and I’m having the best time, but there’s just so much work that I’ve missed. It’s going to take me a few days to catch up on everyone’s work, I think. But don’t worry if I haven’t got to your gallery yet… I will. :o…

I'm Co-hosting a Group

Yep, I’ve decided to take the leap and help out on one of my favourite groups, phoDOGraphy . Leunig has been run off his feet lately, and asked me if I’d like to help him out… and seeing as how I love the group so much I couldn’t say no. :o)
Now, there are some really great dog shots in phoDOGraphy… if it tickles your fancy, come on over and have a look. If you’re a dog owner… or just a dog lover… and you’ve got some nice dog pics (yes… you know I’m talking to you) bring them over for us all to have a look. We all love the puppies.
From the group guidelines…
*’All kind of Dogs are welcome here! Purebreeds, Mixes, Big dogs and Small dogs.
Wild dogs including Wolves & Coyotes are also welcome.
We allow only photographs, both manipulated and “as is”.’
I’ll be doing some features soon… and I’ve …

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