The final total for the bushfire appeal

What a massive effort. In just 2.5 months, since the Sunday after the devastating bushfires began in Victoria, we have made profits from sales of almost $2000 (this does not include the dollar for dollar Redbubble did for us to the end of March!!!).

The total, as of 30 April, stands at $1920.

Well done to everyone who participated

  • by helping with the Phoenix account and group
  • by donating your individual works of art and writing to the account
  • by making generous pledges of your own folios
  • by designing tshirts just for us and for donating profits from the sale of other tees
  • by purchasing works through the Phoenix account or those who made pledges
  • and of course for the support provided by Redbubble admin and community.

Perhaps it’s true there is no light without the dark. The bushfires were tragic and changed the lives of everyone living and working in those areas forever. The generousity of people throughout Australia and indeed the world was one shining light in the wake of these events and I believe everyone who helped, no matter how small or big, should feel proud.

Personally, Phoenix has been a wonderful experience and it has given me renewed faith in the human spirit. Thank you everyone.

As mentioned in the Phoenix-Appeal forums, the Victoria Bushfires Appeal is winding up. However, rebuilding and rehabilitation of the affected areas will be ongoing for many years to come. So, plans for the Phoenix-Appeal account are that we will choose specific projects needing injections of funds, whether they be environmental or community. Some research will need to be done, but be assured an announcement will be made soon about where profits from this account will be directed from 1 May.


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