This week, we will celebrate Thanksgiving. A national holiday that actually makes us stop and be grateful for what we have (and allows us to eat every possible carbohydrate made, but I digress)

This holiday is going to be a bit empty for me. Earlier this year I lost a fantastic woman, my Nan. It was sudden, and when I say that I mean it wasn’t like she was sick or anything. She had fought and crushed 2 forms of cancer (throat and lung). She was all of 4’9" and 106 pounds. She was italian (except St Patricks day when all of the sudden would be more Irish then my grandfather). She LOVED baseball especially the Philadelphia Phillies. She would laugh and have a good time. I could go on and on about her. Thanksgiving is hard because this is the holiday dinner we would have her with my family (mom, dad, sister, etc). I smile as I type this with all the memories I got to make with her.

You’ll notice that I put up a couple pics of her. I am doing this to have her with me on this venture. She would probably look at me like I had three heads for exploring this photography venture, however I know that as I grow and learn she’ll smile down on me.

I love you Nan, Happy Thanksgiving!!

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