WOW !!!! What a Week !!

What a week on redbubble !! I’d just like to express my overwhelming joy and thanks to ALL in the RB community.
My week has been full of highlights and Blessings firstly with “The Covenant”being featured on the Art page. Secondly the sale of two cards of ‘The Covenant’ and ‘Blades on the Locks’, then my image " The Broken Vessel" being chosen as the avatar for Living Christianity. To top it all off, I opened up redbubble to find that “The Covenant”had made the Home Page!!
I would like to offer my very sincere thanks to everybody who took the time to view “The Covenant” and make ALL those wonderful comments, it really is very overwhelming and somewhat humbling to have such beautiful and genuine comments from a community of very talented people, here on RB !!!
I would also like to express my thanks to those who voted for “The Broken Vessel”, it is real joy to be able to represent the group, like that !!
In regard to “The Covenant” it really was one of those Divine appointments where i was in the right place at the right time to capture “The Magic of the Moment”
The image was taken just after a rainstorm, towards sunset at the close of a rather hot, humid, stormy summer’s day near Geelong, Australia.
Once again thankyou for your wonderful support,
Phil T.

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