I Made the Home Page, WOW !!!

My utmost appreciation to redbubble for choosing one of my captures – “The Temperance Hall” to appear on the home page a day or so ago. I was absolutetly blown away by it’s appearance there. I was utterly amazed at the interest that it created in, not only that particular photo, but also a lot of the others in my portfolio. To the redbubble community I am at a loss for words to describe my gratitude to all of you for your wonderful support, good wishes and encouraging comments. It really makes it all worthwhile and I cant wait to get out with the camera to capture, to the best of my ability, more of God’s Creation that is revealed to me. May I say that the “homepage” was a real answer to prayer as I was feeling despondent and frustrated, wondering whether to continue with my photography, now with this answer, I still am frustrated but for a different reason, that there is still not enough time to devote to photography and RB. So, with all their “creativity” I still am waiting for them to come up with extra hours in the day to spend on these wonderful pastimes, both behind the camera and in front of the computer screen. I cant stress enough my thanks to all at RB and everyone of you all in the wider redbubble community……LOL… :o)) Phil T.

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