"redbubble" - More Hours in the Day PLEASE !!!!!

RB, you guys have a lot to answer for, all these people with eyes glued to computer screens, fingers that are worn down to the first knuckles and silly grins on their faces (heaps of happy, overjoyed,enthusiastic and encouraged people) !!!!! The only problem now is with all this creativity, someone had better come up with a lot more hours in the day !!! My sincerest thanks, once again, to ALL that have viewed my work, given lots of encouragement with the comments and bought my work !! RB is absolutely wonderful, I’ve said it before, but I reinforce the statement that “it has given me a new lease of life”and it is just so great to interact with so many people(all who are Maestros) from as close as my own home town to the far reaches of this big wide wonderful world full of unique artists. Keep it up, and RB I assume today will have 25 hours…… Sincerely Phil T.

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