Philosophical tripwires

Philosophical Tripwires

Malcontent with life?
Things not happening the way you’d like?

A brutalized and starving prisoner of war will advise you, “Count your blessings son. I used to be a malcontent, too, now I’d give anything for the sucky life that I complained about. It was heaven.”

An eternal optimist would ask you, “What’s keeping you from moving onward and upward into the heavens? Grab some courage and set some goals, then put your nose to the grindstone and make it work. Your future is in your own hands.”

A stroke victim who has lost control of half of his body will let you know that if you can speak clearly and chew your food you are a very lucky man.

Your boss at work will continually remind you that anyone who isn’t constantly looking for new ways to improve themselves is a hindrance to both themselves and the company.

Then, there is always the timeless wisdom “If life hands you lemons, make lemonade!” I get the point, but then, if you happened to live in a place where the water is laced with Cholera, sugar is an illegal import, and your mother won’t let you borrow the pitcher, then what do you do with lemons?

Is it the nature of the human soul to sit in one place and be grateful it isn’t on fire? Or, to see a path and follow it only until it begins to slope uncomfortably uphill or begin to dive into a dark, scary ravine? Or, to sit at the edge of the scary ravine and watch with baited breath as a chosen few move forward (and discuss whether the “chosen few” are brave, or fools?)

Food for much thought, isn’t it. Put on a pot of coffee and stay while, this could get interesting. There is little I love more than an open mind with all its wheels turning.

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