Amsterdam, Coloring Books, and more!

Tons of fun things goin’ down around here… I am very excited to be heading overseas at the end of the month to The Netherlands for the Bevrijdingspop Festival in Haarlem, May 5th. The We Create Art Gallery that shows my work there is going to print some of my artwork on that vinyl material you see on the sides of skyscrapers… like 10′ × 30′!!! These prints will be featured on the fencing and stages around the entire festival. This is a huge opportunity for me to get some serious exposure in the Dutch art scene, and I will certainly be taking a ton of photos to share with everyone.

I have also just finished the 2nd Edition of my coloring book “A Coloring Book for Big Kids”. This 2nd edition features 12 new drawings, including some really crazy ones like “The Octopus’s Garden”, and “The Elephants”…. good times for all. I am just waiting for the test print to arrive from the publisher, so it should hopefully be available very soon…

Last, but not least…I have just finished setting up my greeting cards for sale online. These have been a huge hit around Boulder, and I look forward to sending off to the farthest reaches of cyberspace! Please visit my prints page to check them out.

That’s about it for now… I’ve got two new pieces to share in the next couple of days, so please check back soon!

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