• Artist Bio **

Piercarla Garusi, originally a mathematician, is a self-taught artist. She is also a life coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotic Practitioner, Release Technique graduate. Piercarla has co-authored two books and has a Diploma in Piano. She draws her paintings and coaching from her personal experience. She did voluntary work for three years in the Ecumenical Community of Taize’, and all her work is based on spirituality.
Piercarla is committed to helping bring about healing in the human family, helping people get along with each other and re-connect with who they truly are – that will enable them to heal and live lives of wellbeing, peace, meaning, joy, abundance. She works combining coaching with art.

  • Artist Exhibitions **

May – June 2010
Collective ‘Creative Connections’
Fondazione D’Ars – SPE
Il Resto del Carlino newspaper
Bologna, Italy

May – June 2010
Painting for World Peace Forum 2010 Luxembourg – Schengen Peace Foundation

April 2010
Collective ‘Creative Connections’
Fondazione D’Ars, Milan, Italy

  • Artist Statement **

Piercarla Garusi’s art comes from ‘somewhere else’, from that place where everything is possible, from the place of infinite possibilities.
She says: ‘When I begin a painting I often do not know what is going to come out; if I try to control it with the mind it blocks the flow of intuition, of inspiration, of creativity, of Spirit; or if I have somewhat an idea, I need to let go of the how it is going to manifest.’
This quote from Eckhart Tolle describes the concept perfectly: ‘I am the hole on the flute that Gods breath flows through.’ This is what Piercarla considers painting is.
It is allowing the painting to emerge, it is being an instrument of the canvas. It is being an instrument for Spirit. It is letting go of the ego which wants to control, to judge, it is trusting the process, it is surrendering and allowing the painting to take form. Her paintings come from the soul, it is what the soul has to say.
Piercarla believes that art has an incredible power to help bring about healing in the heart, soul, and in the subconscious mind of individuals and society; this belief is based on principles of techniques she uses in her practice as therapist and coach – especially according to the principles of Release Technique.
When we let go of the subconscious resistance, we allow healing to take place. The paintings can help you let go of the subconscious patterns as you look at them, as you dive into them without analyzing with your conscious mind what it represents, what it means: just feel, release. Let go and let God.
Her paintings have a message which can help bring about a positive change in the individuals and society. They are based on universal laws, concepts of metaphysics, and more. As we heal and shift our consciousness, not only we can bring about a positive change in our own life, but we contribute to co-create a change in the world.

For more information please visit the website http://www.piercarla-paintings.co.uk.

  • Artist Vision **

Piercarla believes in the extraordinary power of art for positive change.

Not quite creating awareness on world issues, but what we can do to solve them, how we can prevent them, what we each can do, the tremendous power we each have to bring about healing and change.

Not many people know that:

  • everything is created by the consciousness
  • one of the spiritual laws is positive attracts positive

What is consciousness? It is conscious and subconscious programs: beliefs, feelings, memories, etc., which we have put in our mind mainly unconsciously. When we let go of our negative subconscious programs, not simply we become more positive and we attract more good things in life, but we raise the vibrations of the global consciousness.

If we are against something, if we want to change something, the only result we will have is to create more of what we don’t want.

We each have an enormous power to bring about a positive change in the world. But we need to be willing to change ourselves first.

There are some teachings we might not know, teachings which have not been taught in schools, but which are essential if we are to become who we truly are.
As we heal, we bring about healing in the world.

  • Artist Projects **

Piercarla is working on a project called ‘You Are Infinitely Precious’ to help bring about healing in the human family. It currently consists in greeting cards created from one of her paintings. For more information on the project, please visit the website http://www.piercarla-paintings.co.uk.

  • Joined: July 2009
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