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All my good Hunger Games designs were taken down (presumably by Lionsgate). Sorry if you were looking for some of my tees. / My designs...


Just purchased CS6...

Next up, a new MacBook Pro with retina display. Then, you’ll start to see designs popping up again in my store.

Speaking of my store, I have another one here:
It has my designs that aren’t on this store anymore (and are quite a bit better too). You can also customize what type of shirt you want, etc.

Anyways, send me some design love?

Greetings & Updates

Well hello. It’s been ages. I know, EVERYONE is wondering; what happened to PEZRULEZ? Well me tell you:…

My -unger -ames tees were all taken down, which threw me into the depths of despair (tshirt wise), and it’s been a pretty hard recovery. I was selling like 5-7 of those shirts a day, and now I’m down to 1-2 shirts per week.

I’ve been planning a bit of a comeback, but it hasn’t really started yet. My computer is out of space, and is uninspiring me, so I plan to buy a new MacBook Pro w/ retina display, and hopefully a 27 inch monitor to go with it sometime. I’ve also purchased and have read some of Threads Not Dead. These are my motivational concepts to get me going again.

So please note, I’m still around, still thinking about shirts all the time, just not adding anything new lately. It s

Where can you find my shirts??? I'll tell you!

Hello All. I’ve been fairly absent on RedBubble lately. That is because I have a new store going, one (basically) all my own. With all your old favorite shirts that you can no longer find on my RedBubble (HG hint hint).

Anyway, I won’t give you the link directly, for caution purposes. To find it, go to my tumblr page and do 15 seconds of research. Thanks so much!

:D Thanks to whoever bought the Schrute Farms tee and iPhone case today!

Changes and Ramping up!

Hey everyone,

There are some changes happening in the PEZRULEZ camp, and for the better! I just purchased a Wacom graphics tablet that I plan to try using for some future tee designs. I’m setting up a better, cooler, desk/office area in my house, and I’m setting up my own personal store site…which I won’t let out of the bag yet, but stay tuned. It’s going to be very beneficial!

Let’s hear from you! And follow me on twitter would’ya! @PEZRULEZ

Dear Lionsgate super-jerks

You took down all my decent designs, and now I look like a crappy designer…I also won’t make any sales. Thanks, you only made $152,535,747 in the opening weekend of the Hunger Games. Please take my couple hundred dollars a month too, because THAT’LL be noticeable. I’d at least appreciate some explanation of what you think is your property that I’m infringing on. I don’t believe a shirt with “ODAIR” and “4” is infringing on anything. I’ll make sure I don’t make any shirts with the word “GAMES” on it, because that’s probably your property too.

Sorry to everyone that still wanted to buy some of my shirts.

Post-NWB feature post

Thank you to everyone who purchased a Mellark Bakery tee while it was on sale on last week! I was able to sell 250! The most tees I’ve ever sold on a feature. So thanks again!…

It continues to be a hot seller in the store here too, which is printed on American Apparel. So don’t feel too bad if you missed it on NWB. Go check them out though, they really helped me get a good start in the tee community. They have great quality tees for their ridiculous low prices too.

I think I’ve decided to stop showing off the numbers of the playoff race for how many shirts I sell. I’ve been made aware of ripoffs of my designs on the internet…which means these criminals probably know how to find my store. So I’m going to stop telling them which ones sell the best so they are hopefully less en feature and take downs...

Great news, I’m featured on from Mar 22-25! Bad news, I just had 10 of my designs taken down in my RB store. They were apparently infringing on some things, I’m not sure I agree but that doesn’t really matter. So just know that if you’re looking for some of my designs and can’t find them…I suppose you’re out of luck. Sorry, it hurts me more than it hurts you.

Talk about overshadowing a good time…

Thanks to all my supporters

Thrilling Tee Playoffs!

Look at these numbers! My last couple weeks have just been amazing, thanks to everyone buying my shirts! Obviously the Hunger Games movie coming out soon is the reason for the surplus numbers…I’m loving it! Check it out, the Tribute Jersey tees are super popular!

Mellark Bakery 41
Peeta Mellark #12 18
The Hob Trading 16
Everdeen Hunting Co-operative 12
Finnick Odair #4 8
Haymitch Abernathy #12 6
Katniss Everdeen #12 3
Cinna Panem Fashion (White)
Cinna Panem Fashion (Impact—Hot Pink) 3
Career Tribute – District 1 3
Rue #11 2
Down with the Capitol (script) 3
Schrute Farms B&B (no circles) 2

Dear whoever bought the Cinna tee!

If you see this, I didn’t mean to have it priced so high! That was a total mistake. Thank you SO much for buying it anyway, that means a LOT to me!! However, I’m not sure if you can undo the payment or not. Feel free to try and purchase it again, but please don’t be mad that I dropped the price after you bought it. I just had no idea it was so high, you’ve helped people save money in the future. I hope you can see that as a good deed you did! Thanks and sorry! Feel free to send me messages if you have concerns!

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