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Thrilling Tee Playoffs!

Look at these numbers! My last couple weeks have just been amazing, thanks to everyone buying my shirts! Obviously the Hunger Games movie coming out soon is the reason for the surplus numbers…I’m loving it! Check it out, the Tribute Jersey tees are super popular!

Mellark Bakery 41
Peeta Mellark #12 18
The Hob Trading 16
Everdeen Hunting Co-operative 12
Finnick Odair #4 8
Haymitch Abernathy #12 6
Katniss Everdeen #12 3
Cinna Panem Fashion (White)
Cinna Panem Fashion (Impact—Hot Pink) 3
Career Tribute – District 1 3
Rue #11 2
Down with the Capitol (script) 3
Schrute Farms B&B (no circles) 2

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