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Changes in the playoff race! Finally!

It’s been a steady top 3 shirts for me in my store since I started until a couple of days ago, and now it’s becoming a battle, which is very exciting! (Mellark Bakery is still kicking all other shirts behinds, but besides that it’s a nice fight!) Check out the numbers, and thanks to everyone buying my shirts! I just sold my first Everdeen #12 shirt, woo! (Again, these numbers only reflect tees over 1 sale)

Just a recap for you all, it’s always been “Mellark Bakery” then “Everdeen Hunting” then “The Hob”. That’s totally switching around!

Mellark Bakery 36
Peeta Mellark #12 14
The Hob Trading 13
Everdeen Hunting Co-operative 11
Finnick Odair #4 5
Haymitch Abernathy #12 3
Cinna Panem Fashion (White) 3
Career Tribute – District 1 3
Down with the Capitol (script) 3
Schrute Farms B&B (no circles) 2
Cinna Panem Fashion (Impact—Hot Pink) 2
Down with the Capitol (eroded) 2

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