Ups & Downs of RB Living

I’m so glad this site exists as many of you may agree
But sometimes i feel I’m not doing it right?
You know what i mean, You put your best stuff up
and somehow its not interesting to others haha
Honestly i know beauty is in the eye of the beholder
But Am i the only one obsessed with head shots! LOL
Ive been accused of being a fatty as i always photo my head!
(I don’t care matey)
And yep, they are all pretty much my head!
I don’t know anyone that wants to be photographed except
My dad???
Erm… No. But in saying that i have a rather good pic of him somewhere
I called it Gurning! haha So you can imagine the kind of face hes pulling :)

This redbubble place is buzzing all the time hey and we are all after the same recognition or appreciation..

I wonder what will come of it all…

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