Cul de Sac Cup Final

Cul De Sac Cup Final – many games won and lost on the hallowed tarmac turf

Written for 13 year old Son Calvin

Player of the year
Knighted…..A Sir
Even my teachers cannot believe
That at the age of 13 my team won the league.

I’ve got skills that can’t be matched
all from the garden of a semi-detached.
He calls to his mum “I’m going out for a while”
As the front door now becomes a turnstile

The driveway and road turn into the ground
of his favourite team where his hero’s are found.
He stretches out and limbers up
today’s the day that he lifts the cup.

“Be back in an hour it’ll be time for tea”
“Oh Mum!!!! The whole stadium is now looking at me!
Mum, next time give a note to the coach Roy,
Instead of announcing it over the stadium tannoy!”

As she goes back indoors the stadium reappears
And when the crowd sees me I’m deafened by cheers.
The whistle blows and I tear up the grass
My fans get louder Beckham shouts “Cal…Pass!”

Side-step a bike and right round the car
Line up the shot; it’s bound to go far.
It leaves my foot and my face turns white
As I follow the ball the day turns to night

Behind the goal, I forgot it was there
It’s not my fault honest, I can feel all of the glares.
Why didn’t I just go for the pass?
As ball hits window and smashes the glass.

The stadium vanishes revealing the damage
My Mum glares through, a shout she can’t manage
“Do you know how much this is going to cost me?”
“Wait!!! Can’t you take it out of my signing on fee??”

Dragged by the ear and sent to my bed
The offensive weapon is thrown in the shed
“It’s not all bad coz I skipped having a bath”
I tell my pal Beckham and we both start to laugh

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