Perfect Day


The plans they grow from acorns to oaks
Deposit here deposit there deposits flying everywhere
Pay us later, they all say a smile turns into a glare
Film, photos, venues, dresses veils and cloaks
The lengths we’ve gone for the perfect day, It’s no longer a joke

The count down is on, one year to go
What music to have, piano, guitar, sax or a tuba
The groom’s job is done the honeymoon – Cuba
The t’s get crossed the bride’s plan in full flow
The pace was fast but it’s all booked and now it starts to slow

There’s nothing to do now but wait
11 more months to confirm if we are meant to be
No need to wait even when married I’ll still feel free
I hope you’ll be calm on the day and don’t get into a state
Your Bridesmaids are there to keep you right they’ll get you to the gate

I can see you now gliding down the aisle
You’ll look perfect from the very start
Wedding dress or a pair of jeans you’re firmly in my heart
Your face will glow, everyone is blinded by your smile
But wait, just stop and stand there whilst I absorb you for a while

That picture is clear the ring goes on, and finally the cheers
The day, the smiles, the sun, the laughs, the cries of happiness
It seems I’ve waited all my life to see you in that dress
I always knew I would find you, through nights of endless tears
We will always have each other beyond our final years.

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