Sharing a moment

Some people I meet leave an impression

Not positive…no…not at all…

In fact, I find myself consumed with anger and frustration…

“When did you get so f***ing dull? When did you go from Mr Myriad to Mr Grey”

Am sure they never used to be like that…how can they…they were children once…innocent and full of colour

Why do I care so much? Why do I get so affected by mundane ignorant people who come out with such rash off the cuff comments, who judge and character assassinate someone at the drop of a hat?

The other night I couldn’t sleep due to the actions of someone whom I don’t even really know. Do people realise how much affect they have on each other? I don’t think they do..and here’s the sad part…I don’t think they care.

I live in constant fear that my actions will affect someone in a negative way. Who am I to make someone feel cr*p –who am I to take away a section of their day…a day that they can never get back again. Why are these sentiments, on the whole, not reciprocated by those around me?

Other people I meet leave an impression

Not a negative one…no not at all…

I’m told not to be so soft and to treat people they way they treat me – but that isn’t me. Why should I become grey? When I look at the ‘redbubblers’ work…I feel good…the photographs, paintings, journal articles, drawings, illustrations and the comments, all make me feel good….even if they wish to say other things…it feels good, and I like feeling good. Have spent too long in my life not feeling particularly good.

Strangers interacting and learning off each other, enhancing their appreciation of all that is around us, letting us have an insight into their part of the world, a holiday trip or a precious private moment that is shared. I dropped off my son Benjamin at the childminder the other day, prior to going to a meeting, I looked down as I drank my coffee and Benjamin’s hands were wrapped around my arm with his little teddy bear (stinky – don’t ask it’s a along story) pressed between his chest and my arm. He said “Daddy please don’t go to work”, at that moment I noticed his hands locked over my arm and loved the shapes it made – the texture and colour of my skin against his and his little bear too. I took the photo and then uploaded it into my portfolio – and here’s the point – it wasn’t a particularly great shot but it was a moment a special moment, and it touched me so much that I wanted to share it with a community of people that has touched me in a completely positive way.

That moment then touched someone else – and the feeling I got from that…was amazing! I like this new world I have found, have been invited into and welcomed so openly into. I have opened my eyes even further than before and have taken over 100 photo’s in the last week –mostly ordinary but my eyes are open – I am noticing shades, shadows, angles, textures, themes, light areas dark areas…I’ve have been experimenting more and more with my camera. I need this release I need to express myself I need to feel alive and I need to feel…and I have found those feelings here in this cyber-safe-house. I have an amazing wife who is my life companion and driving force, a wonderful family and a blessed life – we have our health – despite this Redbubble is giving me the platform for absolute expression…and I thank you for that cherry.

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