Redbubble = Inspiration = talent

I am in awe of what people create. This website is such a good idea. Having worked in an envirnment where I am surrounded by lemmings – satisfied with their 9-5 role – never questioning anything and never looking up at the history when walking to and from work to see the real heart of a city -I started to lose faith.

Then last week my amazingly fab, gorgeous and talented sister, ‘neliyeti’, opened my eyes to Redbubble and all I can say is wow! The standard of work is ace and I question myslef a to why I have some of my fledgling work on here. But – I am on Redbubble for the reason (hopefully) to why it was created – for people who share a common love of all that is around us and simply re-framing the image to something with meaning to a stranger – to come together and help each other reach the next personal echalon.

Expression is something everyone can and should do. As I commented in Kaylee’s journal – it doesn’t have to be in what some people would want as a ‘perfect form’ it is for the person who created it to stand back and feel pleased that they have managed to transfer a feeling, an emotion or a memory into a tangible format.

I am coming from this angle – if just 1 person like just one piece of work that I have created, albeit photo or a painting or a daft piece of writing – then I have achieved something great.

In a world of growing negativity where TV and some forms of media are filled with programmes and columns that find pleasure in attempting to reduce a persons character to dust – I am chuffed that I have managed to touch someone, who doesn’t know me from Adam, in a positive way. Who am I – I have no influence on anything apart from my own children – maybe that’s the key – we should go back to basics and cut out listening to people with no grip on reality or what really matters in life?

I could be here all day but my little chap Benjamin (3 year old heart breaker that he is) is dying to play pop-up-pirates with me so I’m gone – catch up soon redbubblers.


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