Creating the illusion of 3 dimensions- tips for watercolourists

I welcome a proper discussion here. So if this is helpful or you want to question, amend or add anything please do. It maybe that we should have a watercolour tutorial group here on RB where we can give and receive real advice, and critique in the same way that the photographic forum works.…

I see lots of people on RB especially those relatively new to watercolour who haven’t been to art school developing from having an abstracted naive quality where objects are somewhat flattened, to trying to paint more literally and three dimensionally. Where this is happening they inevitably run into the problems which are in common for all of us who work with what we see rather than our imaginations. I started to discuss with someone how one can create the illusion of three dimensionality and thoug

Thanks RB for the 'Wrap' promotion.

So delighted to have RB pick up on the exhibition I’ve got planned for July and then to use my painting of Rooftops in Lysekil as the title image for The Weekly Wrap. Makes being part of a huge online arts community seem all the more accessible.

oh and more sales this week this time 2 mounted prints so many thanks to the buyer.

five cards sold and an exhibition booked

Thanks to the kind person who bought five cards of Spring mixed flowers. Well actually I’ll be honest, it was my mum. I was telling her how well RB print off cards and prints and what good value they were, it had never occurred to her to buy anything from the internet so with a little help from me voila…happy easter mum..
And this morning thanks to having told someone about my work on RB who then looked it up, I was just offered an exhibition in July in Newbury Town Hall

Fantastic week and thanks RB for the Front Page feature

This week has been amazing. firstly I have had a feature a day for photos and paintings now a first for me and a huge surprise I have a front page feature for a poem I wrote. So thanks to whoever on RB choses these things. Its not in any groups but I posted it a few days ago.. Its called Thaw please take a look if you want. I used to love writing as much as painting but have got out of the habit, maybe I need to do more..
So thanks friends for all your recent support and encouragement and to the group moderators without whom it would be just well, like another Flickr..

Seasons greetings

Just to say a big thank you to the wonderful local and not so local redbubble members I have had the privilege of meeting up with this year and to wish you all every blessing over the christmas season… Wow what a lot of snow shots we should be seeing.

What not to do with a wet camera

Answer do not try to dry it!!!
put it in a plastic bag and take it to your local repair specialist. testing it while still damp will short out the electronics.
I have not been able to post anything in the last few weeks because I managed to wreck two cameras by having them in a bag with a very leaky water bottle- and in trying to dry them I caused their demise. Amazingly and wonderfully I have coincidentally been given an almost new Nikon D300 and a couple of fabulous lenses by someone who knew nothing about this accident so great care has to be taken in the new year!!!
Just to say a big thank you to all of you who have consistently commented, bubble mailed and supported me so generously in my first few months on the bubble. ( particularly Don, Tom, Chris, Trish, Ilva, Svetlana ,Maggie, and …

Artist of the Month! three features and first sale

The group Nikon D40 Group has just let me know that my photograph fountain togetherness has been chosen as the image of the month which means that I am their featured artist. I am so honoured by this I can hardly express it except to say a big thank you to the group for chosing it.
The shot itself was the culmination of quite a bit of time there waiting for something to happen and I was very pleased when this couple walked in…

Also I just had my first card sale..of the harris hawk shot. just featured in DSLR users so a big thanks to them

Orange boys in All Street portraiture

and Exotic Elevation on the Shapes and patterns Group!

So a huge thank you to all!!

Adding layer masks in Elements

Good news for Element users.…

As you know you can’t directly create and use layer masks in elements – but now you can..

I just discovered this from a website

They also create a one click function which does the following automatically but its very similar

Here’s how you do it:

If the layer you want to mask is the background, first convert it to a regular layer, by double-clicking the background layer in the layers palette. Type a name for the layer and click OK, this unlocks it. Or simply duplicate the layer . keeping the background as spare until you’ve done what you want.

Add a solid color adjustment layer using any color as the fill.
Drag the color fill layer below the layer you want to mask. in the layer’s palette, select th

The Law for UK photographers

My wife is entering some large street taken photos of individual recognizable people in an exhibition, and asked my to double check on the law as she hasn’t got model release forms signed.
I found the UK law for photographers excellently summarised by a UK lawyer in a pdf link from this page by the guy who runs istockphoto.

I thought others might find it useful.
Regards to all who drop by

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait