Well guess what??

I’ve just bought some interesting bits of camera gear.
A dedicated flash unit by Pentax (AF-540 fgz) for nearly half it’s retail value from ebay. The only drawback is that the manual is in chinese. But the Pentax web site had the english version. A 75-310mm telephoto zoom lens by Tamron, also for cheap frm ebay, and an unusual bit of photo kit, a dinghy.
the dinghy is a car topper, at 10ft long, made of polypropylene, and only weighs 57 kg dry weight. It came with a bimini awning, a mooring tarp, and a 2 horse air cooled honda out board. Made by Walker Bay in Queensland in one piece by injection moulding, so no rivets, or joins to leak.
This will allow me to get to some difficult places to photograph now. And later when I get my liveaboard boat, I can use this as a tender.
For the maritime photographers on this site, this would be a good addition to your camera kit.
Cheery Bye

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