New peice of photography kit...

Well I finally bit the bullet and bought a boat. The most expensive bit o kit and it doesn’t fit in the camera bag, lol!!
It’s a Savage Avalon, centre console, 4.8m long, 2.41m wide, and has a Johnson 70hp outboard. I bought it because you have clear all around views from the deck, and it’s a walk around deck. It will allow me to get some better angles, not only at sea, but in lakes and rivers as well. The maiden voyage will be on thursday, depending on the weather, and we are looking at going from St Kilda, at this stage.
My niece Zoe, has put the kybosh on the boat, and told me rather sternly, I’m not going in the boat… I think she’ll change her tune sooner or later, lol!!
I’ve uploaded a photo of the boat, because I don’t know how to add it to this blog.

By the way, the boat, she’s called Observant.

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