One Million Views

I just noticed that my Tutorials on Redbubble have flown past the ONE MILLION views mark. Holy crap.

By far the most popular tutorial is on ND filters, with 528,000+ views.

Soon, very soon, I will be converting all my tutorials to pay-for-PDFs only, available exclusively on So get in quick and grab a freebie :)

Here is a clickable list of all my tutorials.

Fields of Focus and Light

Fields of Focus and Light
An official solo exhibition of the 2014 Head On Photo Festival

My first solo exhibition, Fields of Focus and Light is a stepping stone in an ongoing project. This exhibition will highlight photographs I take using a black & white infrared-converted full-frame digital camera. My canvas is Sydney and its surrounding areas, my studio anywhere crisp light abounds. I seek to capture perspectives not postcards, and especially backlit compositions. My method is to control perspective in the same manner as the view cameras of old, and in-camera capture rather than computer manipulation is my ideal.

My Redbubble friends are more than welcome to attend the Opening Night on 26 May. Charles McKean, 7-year Redbubble veteran and Curator of the annual Add On Exhibition, will be

A Double Celebration

The last few days have been a bit of a whirl …….…

On Saturday I married my best mate and fellow RBer Tatiana, at Everglades Gardens in the Blue Mountains (where else?!). Our guests included Adriana, Mel, Maria, Matt, Crispin, and Liam.

If that wasn’t enough excitement, today I was informed that I have been shortlisted for the 2013 Australian Geographic ANZANG Nature Photographer of the Year Award. This was the first time I had entered this prestigious competition and there were a record number of entries from photographers from 10 countries in total, so I’m pretty chuffed just to be shortlisted! As the judging for the Finalists was blind, I can’t show you which photograph(s) got me shortlisted, but I can tell you I am now included in the exhibition of the Award at the South Australian Muse

Thank You Mrs Mel Brackstone!

Some RB members may remember my tragic plight last year as a consequence of fatally drowning my old faithful Canon EOS 5D Mark II and smashing in two a Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8L, courtesy of bumping the tripod perched on the edge of a rock platform above Leura Creek.…

Fewer members will be aware that through the generosity of Mrs Mel Brackstone, I was able to shortly resume shooting with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Specifically Mel packed and posted to me her old faithful 1-point AF 5D Mark II for me to use for as long as I wanted. I was back in business.

Today I picked up my new camera. After discussing it with my fiance, Tatiana, and reading as many comparisons with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III as I could find, I bid for and won a near-new Canon 1Ds Mark III on eBay last night, from a local profes

Lock Up Your Daughters!

Ok, I am a biased father, but the lens has always loved my youngest son and now that he’s 16 ….. well, all I can say is ….. The kid’s got a future!

Recently, a friend of his took some shots of Dylan on an outing in Newtown that had that little something about them. In those candid shots, she captured a “look” – enough for several people, including his sister and myself, to suggest he get serious about some camera work, and get a portfolio together.

Tatiana lept at the opportunity to shoot Dylan, and today we did our first “shoot”, firstly outdoors, then in Tatiana’s garage studio. Tatiana was the photographer and creative director. I was her assistant and deputy creative director, and I did the processing.

I can’t decide between James Dean and a young Marlon Brando, but geez I reckon he’s

The Easy Guide To Creating Mounts

This Journal is subject to copyright. You do not have permission to copy it, in part or whole, and re-publish it. It is for information purposes only.

1. Introduction

By request, the purpose of this Guide is to provide a step-by-step demonstration of how to turn this:

Into this:

Call them mounts, borders, edges, frames, windows, structured negative space, or whatever, in the digital sense those black bits at the top and bottom of the image are part of the image. I will refer to them as Mounts. They are easily created by just about any image processing program. For the purposes of this demonstration I will be using Photoshop CS5, but the same functions exist in Photoshop Elements and CS4 and CS3 and so on. I will also show you how to use the same technique to create a fu

Please welcome ...

… my nephew Liam to RB! He may not be old enough to vote yet, but he’s already achieved something in photography I’ve yet to accomplish – win an award! Like his uncle, Liam’s a Canon shooter, and loves long exposure and IR photography. He’s also the new owner of my faithful IR DSLR, a converted Canon EOS 10D, and I note he’s already uploaded a shot taken with it.

Welcome to RB, Liam! I’m sure you’re going to get inspired by the awesome photography that’s here to enjoy.

Uncle Pete

How to perform CPR on a drowned DSLR

Speaking from experience (several times), there’s a few things you can do to help save your treasured DSLR from an early death from drowning. I’m not guaranteeing resuscitation in all cases, because water in your camera’s body is a complete variable, I’m just passing on what I’ve learnt.…

As with humans, time is of the essence when trying to save your drowned camera, especially if you are dealing with salt water. (In such an instance, corrosion starts almost immediately.) Primarily though, we are dealing with electronics so the aim of the game is to get the water out and dry your camera ASAP.

So, here’s some tips, in the order in which they should be done, if your DLSR gets seriously wet. Edit: I’ve changed the order of 1-3 to reflect comments from a techie who knows more about this than m

Back in business!

As some of you know, recently I accidently killed my well-used and much-loved Canon 5D Mark II body and the EF 16-35mm lens on it at the time.…

Imagine my joy when a package arrived a few days later from 1000 km away, containing a 5D2 body, carefully wrapped inside its original box. It felt like Christmas, and all because of the overwhelming generosity of Mel Brackstone in lending me her “old” one. Compared to how mine has looked for some time, Mel’s looks brand new! It’s a bit idiosyncratic, has a 1-point AF system, but it works just fine. (I mostly use manual focus TS-E lenses anyway.) With my 5D2’s battery grip on it, I was ready for business!

Yesterday I took Mel’s camera on its first trip to the Blue Mountains National Park, NSW, Australia. It felt good to be back in the saddle, and m

Tutorial Updates

Just letting you know I’ve greatly expanded my Tutorial on Tilt+Shift Photography, with sample images (and already planning a further update).

I’ve also updated my “List of Photographic Tutorials” so that all 20 are now listed and linked. The list also links to the several other Journals of photographic interest I have created over time, including my most recent post about Photographic Fakery and Mystery.

With total views approaching 300,000 I must be doing something right. My Guide to ND Filters alone is fast approaching the 200,000 view mark, and I am currently preparing a sequel, being a summary of all the questions I’ve been sent about ND Filters and my answers. (I long ago reached the character limit on the actual ND Guide.)


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