List of Photography Tutorials

Many of my RB tutorials are buried in Archive folders or simply hard to find, so in response to a request, here is a linked complete list, which I’ll keep updated:

Serious-but-easy-to-follow stuff

  1. The concepts of Aperture and f stopexplained
  1. Understanding ISO – explained here
  1. Orton Effecthow to do it
  1. Basic Photoshop tips, eg sharpening, straightening, cropping
  1. Creating artwork samples for your profile or public view page – how to
  1. Creating a linked samplehow to
  1. Creating linked text – just like this
  1. What is mirror lock-up and when to do it – a guide
  1. Motion blurhow to
  1. Adding clouds to an image – how to
  1. How to shoot waterfalls – some tips
  1. All your questions about shooting in RAW answered here
  1. The most comprehensive easy-on-the mind guide to Neutral Density filters on the planet, with a sequel guide to White Balance adjustments.
  1. A guide to creating realistic rainbows to add to a landscape
  1. All your questions about converting a digital camera to infrared are answered here
  1. An Introduction to Tilt+Shift Photography – it’s the real deal! But wait, there’s more! There’s also a guide to how to actually take a tilt+shift photograph (and be proud of it).
  1. An explanation for what copyright means for you as a member of RB
  1. An illustrative guide to making mounts for your RB images
  1. Some tips on how to perform CPR on a drowned DSLR. Here’s hoping you won’t need them!

Not-so-serious Stuff

  1. The Reasons For Rejection every Host would love to be able to send!
  1. The Top 10 reasons why members leave RB groups
  1. How (not) to shoot seascapes like a pro – an easy-to-follow guide here (not)

Journals of photographic interest

  1. An expose of photographic fakery and mystery.
  1. A discovery of photographs a century apart.
  1. A discovery of hidden falls in Barrington Tops.
  1. A journey to the waterfall capital of Australia.


Journal Comments

  • Joanne  Bradley
  • JanT
  • Barbara Manis
  • Susan  Kimball
  • Debbie Robbins
  • Linda Bianic
  • Linda Jackson
  • Sean Jansen
  • Tyler Thomas
  • Brandie1