How (Not) To Shoot Seascapes Like A Pro


For the purposes of today’s lesson, my good mate Crispin kindly agreed [not] to demonstrate the steps he takes in shooting a quality seascape. I captured the evidence of his experience with a hand-held infra-red converted Canon EOS 10D and the awesome Canon EF 100mm f2.8L IS 1-1 Macro Lens during a dawn shoot at Whale Beach Rockpool and surrounds.

Getting ready for the shot

First of all, carefully lay down your tripod. A real pro doesn’t need one. Notice also the position of the cap. This is so you can look through the viewfinder without knocking your cap into the sea. It also makes it clear to other photographers that a pro is in action.

Most of all, notice the pockets. Try to count them. Only pussies need things like backpacks. A real pro needs only a photographer’s jacket. These also have handy hooks on the front so you can have gadgets that swing around, like bells and whistles.

Notice also the camera strap has been removed by Crispin. The reason for this will be demonstrated a little later.

Lining up the shot

Firstly, only pussies keep an eye out for rogue waves, which can look after themselves. And see why no tripod? Only pussies worry about placing their $2500 lens on a perfectly stable rock.

Notice also that Crispin is not actually shooting a seascape. Only pussies do that. Crispin is way beyond boring seascapes. A real pro will focus on …… small crabs.

Taking the shot

This is when you can tell you are dealing with a pro. Notice the stance. He is evenly balanced so his lower legs can get a short tanning session. Notice the shoes, ideal for stealthily creeping up on crabs. Notice also the lenses in the back pockets. These help to balance whilst taking the shot. TIp: The more expensive the lenses, the better the balance.

The kill shot

Once you’ve shot the crab with stealth, it’s then important to go in for the kill shot. These should be taken standing up and zooming right in.

The outcome

And finally, never be afraid of expressing your opinion as to how much money you will make on RB from your crab shot. It is now also obvious why only pussies have camera straps – they can get in the way of twirling your camera around one-handed.

So, there you have it – how to shoot seascapes, I mean crabs, like a pro. Thanks Crispin for taking the time out today to share your experience. We look forward to your crab shots!


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