Most amazing RB week so far! Another homepage feature :-)

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I think I just woke up the neighbours with my scream of excitement. Two weekend in a row, one of my works is on the homepage! Am I happy or what???…

Yesterday evening I spent a few hours replying to all the comments, favs, watchlist adders, checking out new portfolios and so on. It was time well spent. It inspired me. Made me happy. Smile. Even made me cry. There has been so many warming comments from you (you know who you are, and I love you for all the support you give me), never saw so many favorited items in my live feed. Never had so many groups features in one week (well, I don’t have the stats on that, but it feels that way!). To be honest: during working hours, I couldn’t have felt worse than I did this week. This really, really helps me through some hard times.

What happened...

… in one night? Amazing! Never seen the viewcounter increase with so many views in just one night. And another record: the number of comments on my work. I mean, I can’t remember looking at so many new messages after only 8 or 9 hours. What a wonderful surprise you all gave me!

You know, this makes me feel so much better than I felt yesterday. Had a very hard day at work with way too many hours of working. Exhausted when I came home, didn’t really feel inspired to add new works on RB (though there’s a new series coming up…). Didn’t do much more than adding sun grown…. So happy right now! You gave me refreshing energy to start this day with a smile. Thank you…

Have a wonderful day!


Next week: Italy & Germany

As you might have noticed, the last few weeks weren’t the most productive when it comes to creating new captures that are worth to show on RB. Guess I got a bit busy working and all that. But you know… that doesn’t really matter when there are two (yes, two!) holidays coming up.…

Starting Saturday 6th of June, I’ll be out on the road for a quick visit to Italy and Germany. A friend is participating in the cyclosportive event “Tour of Lombardy” near Bergamo and “Rund om den Henninger Turm” near Frankfurt. I’ll be his driver/follower. And will take care of the photography (that’s for sure!). So expect some new work afterwards.

Well, maybe not immediately after returning back home. Some five days after coming back home, I’ll be leaving again. This time I’m heading for Argentina. To spend a fu

Double newsflash

For those who are interested (apparently you! Otherwise you wouldn’t have read this journal) two news items I’d like to share with you:…

First, and maybe most important: I’ve bought a new camera! Didn’t expect that? Neither did I… at least not this soon. I was very interested in the Sony A700 after the firmware 4.0 release. And since I was granted an extra bonus (I didn’t see that one coming, but my management team did ;-) ), I decided to go for it: credit crunch or not… I’ve spent it on the A700. And what a great camera this is. OK, haven’t really used it yet. Did some shooting in house to test some of the settings. But… (and that’s part two)

… Wednesday I’ll be leaving for a short holiday. Spend some time with my colleagues in Austria. Most of them will go skiing, but one of them and me

Featured shot - unprocessed coffee

One of the redbubblers brought this group to my attention. No doubt for me to join it. And right after I’ve don that, I posted two pictures. Only few minutes later, they were accepted. And one of them actually as a ‘featured’ item. Thanks so much for your encouragement :-).

Enjoy the light,


Thanks to work of other Redbubblers, I was inspired to spend some time in my ‘studio’. There’s a small attic just above my apartment. Enough space to create something of a photostudio. It’s more of a do it yourself studio. Low-budget, high level of fun :-).

Some of my works are already in my portfolio. If you would like to see more, check Do you think there’s something that’s not on RB yet that’s worth putting in my portfolio? Let me know by bubblemail!

Enjoy the light,

P.S: ‘’ is Dutch for ‘Peter writes with light’. A literal translation of photography…

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait