Heirloom Jewelry...

One of my favorite group’s on RedBubble, Gold – Silver – Gems is hosting a challenge entitled Colours of Jewels , for which I have entered Bejeweled – an original photograph of one of my most prized possessions, left to me by my great-grandmother… a gorgeous scarf pin that she frequently wore.

I’m not submitting this journal entry to any group for promotional purposes, but thought that I would share the meaning behind this piece of art with those that have included me in their watch lists.

If you feel so inclined, you can still vote on my Great Grandma Whitten’s Scarf Pin in this challenge (I believe for 2 more days).

This challenge has also inspired me to choose “jewelry” as the main theme for the November Monthly Avatar Contest for the group that I co-moderate, Domestic Art – Home Is Where The Art Is .

If you get a moment, please take a look at some of the wonderful images that have been submitted by our group in the Journey Through Jewelry Challenge and vote on the pieces that most appeal to you.

Thank you for looking and for those of you that decide to vote in either or both of these challenges… I especially thank you!


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