To the River

Early morning walkers, tourists, koala spotters and bird watchers saw more than they bargained for when the Persimmon team did an outdoor location shoot recently.

Persimmon braved a misty, chilly morning and a cold river in the name of Art. Luckily a documentary photographer was present to record the fun and therapy that only this sort of excursion can provide.

It could have been very uncomfortable for all involved but ended up being exhilarating and uplifting. Next time we’ll have towels and blankets so we can get even wetter!

Enjoy this pictorial record from the day and watch out for more…(snow?…sea?….beach? any other suggestions?)

And thanks for visiting Persimmon! Also have a look at how this dress looked…a few years ago in JE Same Dress, Same Girl, just a different Century

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