Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel
Written by Jessica Hutchinson

The leaves rustled as someone ran through the shadows of the darkened forest. Madison, who had just awoken from a deep sleep, most likely a coma, couldn’t remember anything but her name. She could hear heavy breathing like someone running. Soon she could see the silhouette of a young woman. The woman was running from someone, or something. Madison decided to keep hidden.
When the woman was closer, Madison could see that her white top was covered in blood. Her blonde hair had sticks and twigs tangled in a mess. Whatever had happened, she didn’t look good. Then the woman looked in Madison’s direction and jumped back in shock. Next thing Madison knew, the woman was hiding with her. The woman was shaking uncontrollably, probably from fear.
Madison heard something else coming, but it wasn’t running; it wasn’t even walking. It was floating towards them. Madison could hear its heavy breathing. As it got closer she could see it more clearly. It looked human, except that it had glowing yellow eyes and it wore clothes that draped off it, but the most noticeable thing was its large, black, feathery wings growing from its back. Madison started to shake from fear. It had stopped right in front of them. The forest was quiet; all you could hear was the wind blowing through the trees. Suddenly a twig snapped in the distance. The winged “human” quickly snapped around towards the sound and floated off towards it.
Madison exhaled. She had been holding her breath the whole time. She looked at the woman beside her.
“Who are you?” Madison asked her. The woman turned to Madison.
“I’m sorry. My name is Isabella.” She said and held out her hand. The thing that had been near them before had disappeared into the distance. Isabella stood up.
“So, who are you?” she said looking at Madison.
“My name is Madison. What was that thing?” Madison asked.
“That was an archangel. An angel that has turned bad” replied Isabella. She turned around to walk away.
“Follow me”
Madison followed Isabella, dodging branches and twigs along the way. They both remained silent and watchful as they walked.
They eventually got to the edge of the forest. They sky was bright blue and ahead of them was a small village.
When they entered the village, they where greeted by a group of people.
“Did you destroy it?” asked a small child, who was tugging at Isabella’s shirt. Isabella shook her head. Everyone looked disappointed and walked away. Isabella turned to Madison.
“Come with me, I have to introduce you to the village elder” She said.
Madison followed her through the village, past small, worn out houses. They finally stopped in front of a house at the back of the village. Isabella knocked on the door, and the door slowly opened. Inside, it was dark and it smelled of incense. An old lady was sitting at a table.
“Please sit down.” The old lady said. Isabella bowed and sat down. She looked at Madison and nodded. Madison bowed as well and joined them at the table.
“Isabella, where you successful at destroying the Archangel?” the old lady asked.
“No, it was about to kill me when I found this lady hiding in the bushes.”
“Why did you bring her here?” asked the lady, sounding irritated. “You know this is a private village”
“I was about to leave her there when I spotted this.” Isabella took Madison’s hand and showed it to the old lady. When Madison got her hand back she had a good look at it. Right in between her thumb and index finger of her right hand was a shape of a star.
“So the prophets are true?” said the old lady. She had a look of wonder on her face. “What do you mean prophets?” Madison asked.
“The old scriptures state that the lady with a star on her hand will finally destroy the archangel, and end all suffering.”
“And I’m that lady?”
That night Madison had a dream. She was standing in a long corridor and the lights where flickering. The portraits on the walls seemed to stare down at her and there was whispering coming from the walls. She slowly walked down the corridor, taking each step carefully. Her heart was pounding in her chest. At the end of the corridor was a red door, and as she got closer she could hear scratching behind the door. She slowly put her hand on the door-handle and turned it. Suddenly the door burst open and the archangel came out screaming in her face.
Madison awoke with start, which woke up Isabella. Madison heard an alarm going off in the background.
“What’s going on?” Madison asked.
“The Archangel is here”
Isabella lifted a hatch that was in the floor, and entered the room below. Madison tried to follow, but Isabella stopped her.
“You have to go outside, it’s waiting for you.” She told Madison.
“No! I’ll die…” But it was too late; Isabella had already closed and locked the hatch.
Madison walked towards the door. It seemed kinda like her dream. She slowly put her hand up to the door-handle, but before she could reach it, the door flew open and standing there was the Archangel. Madison screamed and ran back towards the hatch.
“Isabella! Help! What do I do?” But there was no response. Madison looked behind her, and she noticed that the window was open. She crawled through and escaped. She ran towards the old lady’s house, too scared to look behind her. When she got there the door was locked. Madison turned around and saw the Archangel coming towards her.
“No! Please don’t kill me!” Madison screamed. The Archangel stopped before her. It opened its mouth and screamed, just like in her dream. Madison fell to the ground.
“Please, no…”She uttered.
The Archangel whispered something, and then vanished in a burst of flames.

Fallen Angel


Murray Bridge, Australia

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Artist's Description

This is a story I wrote for English, it is only short because it could only be about 1000 words long. I hope you find it interesting

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