The start of a new week.
I have been dying of lack of sleep for the past few days.
School has been busy, with teachers breathing down my neck as the assignments that are due haven’t been finished.
Although this seems like common place for all year twelve students, it is even more so for me.
I have had to repeat year twelve. So this means going through all the pain of annoying teachers and impossible assignments, all over again.
Now dad got me to start work. How is this meant to help me focus in school?
Either I am at school working my brians out, or I’m at work working my fingers off.
And when I finally get a brack, all I want to do is sleep… zzzzzz
I guess this would be a common things for students as well. But I don’t see the point in having a job when I couldn’t pass school without a job last year. He is just making this just so much worse for me.
I feel like screaming….

What ever. I guess it can’t be helped. I will have to work while I’m at Tafe, so I better get used to it.

Homework tonight, no backing out, no procrastination. FULL STOP.

Enough of venting out my anger, I recon I should get back to work. O_o

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