Just an update explaining what is going on at the moment with my drawing.
I have been designing a heap of new Fuzzies. I don’t think people like my new fuzzie much, I think because its too evil looking to be for people who like cute things, but its too cute for people who like evil looking things. (If you can understand that. Lol)

My step mother wants to buy one of my t-shirts, so I have been designing lots to see if I can get a really good one for her. (She likes sheep)

Aswell I have been doing some drawing of proper dog drawings (With legs and such) and I might draw some people.)

If anyone wants something in particular, then just send me a message/bubblemail and I’ll see what I can do. I can do all sorts of art. Tell me if you want it for a T-shirt design or whatt.

Thats it for now. ^^

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