Things are finally getting better.

Wow, what a turn around. In the past week things have done a U-turn and getting much better.
Only seven more days of school.
Finished an assignment yesterday.
Got Study all day wednesday.

I went and saw Vina, Vina went and saw my dad.
(Vina is a family counciler)
Though mum is still all fired up, and she refuses to see a family counciler.

Dad and Mandy (My step mum) have decided to let me live there permantly.
I think this is a good thing. I seem to be alot more organised there, and been doing all my homework.
Dads going to let me have a TV in my room, coz I keep stealing the tv for my shows. I won’t have Austar but, I’ll be able to watch, Aussie Idol and Supernatural in my room!
Our internet provider is closing down. This isn’t a bad thing because it means that we are finally getting broadband. And dad wants to get the fastest speed you can, I think.

I’m going to get a job finally. Mum wouldn’t let me, but dad says that I have to get one.
SO I’m hopefully going to work at Coles.
And After Dad says I have to go for my Licence, which is another thing mum wouldn’t help me out with.

My birthday is in fifty days! and I’m hopefully going to go to the Beach House in Glenelg. I’m inviting Tam, Lorraine and Maddi.
For my birthday I’m getting a digital camera, Animal Crossing for DS, and Pokemon Diamond!!! Yay.
(Suki’s birthday was two weeks ago (Suki is our Shiba Inu) and she got an heated bed. Spoilt rotton Puppy!)

Oh and I’n finally getting a double bed. Coz I’ve kinda outgrown my single. (I like to stretch out).

I think thats all. But how cools this week been.
Update ya later

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