trouble at home.

finally back at school, so I can blog a bit more. But I’ve only got thirteen more working days of school left. Then I have one exam, and then five months of holidays. Woo Hoo. Ok so since I’ve last blogged I’ve been through alot. The first week was drama central. My Aunty and Uncle split up because my uncle cheated on her with thier young next door neibour. Then he came to our house to stay because he had no where else to go! I went to camp in the second week of the holidays. I had so much fun, I made friends with everyone. My two best friends there were Anna and Charli, and they both only live half an hour away from me!! So Cool. I also made friends with this really hot guy called Danny, he was also gay. Lol. Then after all the fun of camp, I came back to find out that my uncle had beaten up my aunty. She was in denial though, even though everyone saw it. So my mother started getting really fired up because it reminded her of what my dad did to her when she was a new mum. (My dad has much changed since then.) She was at my through the whole week, and eventually we had a huge fight and she kicked me out of home!!!
So I’m staying at my fathers for a while. (I don’t think they want me there) until I work something out. I’m still going to school. I have to start catching the bus. Which I have to sort out all by myself. I don’t have my USB Stick so I can’t do school work at home.
At school, my friends have all gone to camp, leaving me by myself. (I’m in year 12, and my friends are all in year 11) So I have no one to talk to.
To make it all worse, I’m still on this celiac thing so I can’t eat all my favourite foods.
I’m meant to be meeting up with a councerlor in five minutes to talk through some things.
Funny thing is, everyone is going to be putting all the blame on me!! I wasn’t the one who decided to leave home, my mother kicked me out!! She has said I’m not worth any respect, that I’m being immature and irresponsible.
If i’m being irresponsible, then why am I doing all the organiseing of school, buses. I even organised the councerlor. I’m being the mature one here, I want to sort this thing out!! I WANT IT ALL T STOP!
Anyway another bad thing my favourite Australian Idol got voted out last night. I’m in tears!!! Ben McKenzie Rulez!
Toodles ^^

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