I hate school, but who doesn't?

I wonder what will happen if I fail english this year? I probably would have to try again next year. I really don’t want to. English sucks, so does geography. This is the reason I chose to continue with these subject this year. I don’t think it matters if I pass Geography or not, and I don’t think that I will pass either of them. This is completely my fault, I have been really lazy all year, as a matter of fact, all my life, I have avoided doing homework. I havn’t felt like doing anything lately, I have been to tired to do the one thing that I enjoy most, drawing. The only thing that I have done the passed few weeks is either write in this blog, submit a few things play my DS. I’m becoming obsessed with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon at the moment. I have felt a huge need to complete the game asap. I’ve also been watching alot of TV. I have been sleeping more than usual and I haven’t been eating properly. (Only just resently I’ve felt like eating.) Maybe it is stress from school. People think that I don’t belive in myself. That I don’t think I’m capable of doing good in anything. That is partly right. All my life I have had to re-do things because I have’nt do it right. I can’t understand information properly. For some reson or the other, and whenever I do ask for help, I still don’t understand. So I am frequently asking for help over and over again until I give up, or I eventually understand (which is very unlikely)
Its like my brain works differently than everyone else.
And the one person I normally do understand starts to talk gibberish as soon as I ask for help.
Mum thinks she understands and tries to understand, but is explaining something completely different than the teachers. And as soon as I protest, we end up fighting, so now I don’t even bother.
My step dad is really smart, but if you ask one simple question, it takes him like half an hour to give you an answer, he just goes on and on… He needs to just get straight to the point!
When I ask my dad for help, he understands just as much as me. I think I get my understanding side from my dad. (He droped out of school.) That makes me feel so much better. =p
Mabe I should try and ask the dog, I probably would get better answers from her!
Well anyway I think I’ve carried on too much, let out my steam. Better get back to work!

Toodles =]

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