Problematic Week Chapter 3 =]

Okay this is my last week of term 3 of school. My work load has gone through the roof. My stress levels are there too. Well at least tommorrow I can rest as I have a doctors appointment. My mother wants me to have some scans, so I’m kinda freaking about that. Never had any scans before except an x-ray. I hav’n’t been feeling any better either. I have a permenent headache, and I can’t take any Nurofin which seems to be the only thing that works. I’ve even tried Panadine Forte. didn’t work.

Well this weekend I decided to stay at my Grandmothers. We went to Adelaide and I saw my Uncle and Aunty and my little cousin Sunny. She is so cute, an always full of energy!
Then After we went to the Modbury Hospital and saw this old guy who had Lekimia. Poor guy. after comng back from Adelaide and such, I went home to get ready for the town show. A big mistake. I felt terrible, and the only person I knew was Ash, who I really don’t like, and I’ve already rejected him like three or four times. I got a show bag and went home to Grandma’s. (As Ash wouldn’t leave me alone.)
The next day I went home and basically just slept.

Thats about all, I’ll let you know more about the doctors appointment tommorrow.

Toodles. =]

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