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This is so cool. I’ve only just joined a week ago and I’ve already got two watchers!!
I haven’t even uploaded anything!!!
Maybe I should. I have some old art work on my school profile, which I don’t like, but it could lead to some more watchers. and keep people happy.
And I’ve got a few stories that I have written for English.
Hopefully you will see some of them in a minute.
I read somewhere that it is better to upload just one or two artworks a day. Don’t ask me why, but I think I’ll do that. (I’ll look like I’ve been working really hard.)

I’m going to fail school, me being sick has caused me to not be able to eat anything without feeling sick, and thus leading to me not being able to concentrate on anything. Hopefully the appointment next week clears up a few things. But until then I hope I can focus on my work.
Geography: My individual Report thing (mega hard)
English: Oral Presentation 2 + written report + Journal + Poem thing (which we just started.

And I’ve only got a week left. So much for my future.

Oh and I recommend you go see the movie 1408. I’ts totally cool. (made from a stephen king novel)


Edit: So much for only uploading one thing. Lol

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