I have to vent..

Last night I went to the local doctors clinc, as I was still having these pain’s in my cheast and my mother also wanted to check out the results for this test I had a week before.
This test that I had was to check if I had the Helior Backtor disease. (Don’t know the correct spelling sorry.) The test was negative, and the doctors still have no idea what is wrong with me. (some doctors eh!) They are now going to sent me down to the Adelaide Hospital in November, to have an endoscope stuck down into my throat, to check for anything that could probably be causing my cronic reflux. There could be three possible things that could be wrong. The first one is the one we are all hoping for, is if they find nothing and that means this whole thing is stressed caused. (Due to me having to repeat year 12 next year etc.)
The second is that I have a hernia, whatever that is, and that would mean an operation.
The third is the one that has been on the back of both mine and my mother minds, is that it could be a tumor… Mums hoping that if it is that it is a benine, (Again I have no idea) as she has already lost her son to a cancerous brain tumor.
She was going crazy, she ran to one doctor that she knew and vented out all her anger, she was crying. She’s getting very anxious about this and she doesn’t like the idea of waiting till Nov to get this endoscope.
So with all her crying she finally got another appointment with a doctor next week, in which to request a cat-scan or something so that we can rule out that one terrible thing on our mind’s.
That about all for now, I’ll keep you updated on things as they come.


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