Problematic Week Chapter 2.

So I’m going to get into the routine to write down the everyday problems and dramas in my life every monday, every week. Kind of like a journal. If I Remember. lol

This weekend was one of few that I actually got to spend time with my cousin Maddi. She’s about fifteen years old and goes to a different school. She’s trying to convince her mum to send her to my school, which is a private school, as she currently attends a publish school. (They are all trash. I spent four years at a trashy public school.) Since I’m going to be coming back to do year thirteen, she’s going to have to put up with me!!! HAHAHA.

Well this weekend she spent the night over my place and we stayed up and watched Casper. The funny thing is that even though I probably have seen this movie ten million times before, I actually cried this time!! Maddi did aswell so maybe it isn’t that bad. She wouldn’t stop talking about it all weekend, and made me sit through the other two Casper movies that I own.

We also played singstar, and we found this game on the 80s game, its called singpong and you must sing a high pitch to raise your ‘bat’ and sing a low pitch to lower your ‘bat’. We where just sitting there grunting the whole time, and laughing our guts out. Is this to try and teach us about singing techniques? Yeah right.

In the morning, we secide to create a ‘house’ out of the tiny tiger tent in our lounge room, its so small that I could barely fit into it, let alone both of us.
But we managed to fit me and a toy “kitchen” inside. Lol So much fun for some crazy teenagers I tell you. Later we decide to watch some home video’s. We find this tape called “Furby Wedding”.
This is a movie me and Maddi made when I was 11 and she was 9. It was totally crazy!
We created outfits for our furby’s, a viel for mine and a tux for Maddi’s, and then we wrote the vow’s, the walkway was lined with flower’s and there was an archway that was also decorated with daisies. We placed toys on either side of the walkway, and then I walked my furby up the walkway, with madi’s furby at the arch, Maddi read the vow’s and then placed the ring on my furbies foot.!! Lol, then we had a party after.
I must put this on myspace, it’s so cute.

I guess this journal entry is basically what happened on the weekend, I guess not much esle happened. I had too much fun to get any school work, and then on sunday I went to the movies and watched that movie, (yeah I forgot it’s name.)
How is one meant to get any work done in this enviornment? All fun and games, no wonder I’m failing, I don’t even get a chance to do any work.

I finally got the courage to tell Ash I’m not interested in dating him, and then I try and set him up with some of my friends. Ash ask’s me who I like,, yeah right like I’m going to tell him.. loser.
He is so gross, he won’t leave me alone, he stalks me, and comes to my house, and… Ok I might not share the messages he sent me.. but anyway, he’s like “What do you think of Blake?” I’m like ewww, I know he likes me, but I’m not interested in him either. (I do think his brother is hot though! Lol!)
I’m so glad I got all that out of my system, I hope that helps make this entry a bit more interesting and “problematic”!! Ha


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