Problematic Week. Chapter 1

Today is casual day at school, though I love to get dressed up in something other than the stupid school uniform, I find it hard to decide what to wear.
Either you wear something too casual, or too formal. Its an everyday struggle to find a perfect balance between the two.
In the end, I came up with the perfect outfit, well I thought anyway.
I wore a blue/white layered top, which I was given for christmas by an Aunty, underneith my new jumper from Jayjays. My jump is white with different coulouered hearts on it. Its got a hood and its short-sleeved.
We had to wear Jeans as it is Jean for Jeans day, so that was the easy part, I only have one good pair of jeans.
And finally because it was a cold and windy day, I wore my hooded jacket over the top, which I brought from Harbour Town for only $30.

I’m coming to my end of year 12, but it’s not finished yet, due to me being completely dumb, and failing every of my five subjects (Design, Agriculture, English, Geography and History) The teachers have decided to cut three of my subjects, and come back next year to re-do them!
So this year I’m completeing English and Geography. Next year the rest. Not my idea of fun. five years of high school is bad enough.
But the bright side is that now I have like three or four study sessions a day.

I think I should get on with my work now, I hope I can edit this later, I have heaps more to write about.

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